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Crossbody Leather Cell Phone Strap

Crossbody Leather Cell Phone Strap

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Never misplace your phone again! This very stylish, finely-handcrafted leather strap holder will always keep your phone within arms reach. While the soft tanned leather is so comfortable to wear. And the crossbody style keeps your phone physically secure at all times.

The phone strap is outfitted with a brass clip for ease of removal. You can wear the strap under your coat or jacket, and just disconnect the clip to take off the strap whenever you need to!

Beautiful deep rich natural brown leather. Strap is 1/2" wide.

3 sizes, Small 46", medium 52", and large 58".
To find your size, take a crossbody measurement. Measure from your hip bone up to your opposite shoulder then down the back to the same hip. The O-ring (see photos) should sit just at your hip bone.
We endeavor to be size inclusive so if these sizes do not meet your needs please take a look at our listing for strap extenders.

How it works. Includes a simple insertable phone tab that fits inside the bottom of your phone case. Works with most cases, as long as the charging port opening is a loop with no breaks. See photo for example. You do not have to remove the tab or the phone strap to charge your phone. Once you have placed the tab, just connect the bottom brass clip to the insertable tab ring.

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